Hele Series

Based on our top selling Ohana, the Ohana Hele is extremely stable and fast. We finessed it with a more tapered nose for faster speed. Beautiful finish - all carbon rails - unique specialty wood - very fast and maneuverable. The Ohana Hele will support Paddlers up to 250 lbs.  The Iki Hele is great for paddlers under 180 pounds.

Ohana Hele
11'1" x 32" x 5 1/8"

Current inventory: Applewood - 3

Iki Hele

Current inventory: New shipment arriving May 2016


The Ohana (meaning family) series has three sizes for everyone in the family.  The Ohana is a great all around SUP for paddlers 250 and under. The Ohanaiki is the smaller version of the Ohana board.  Super light weight and great for paddlers who are under 180lbs.  The Sumo SUP is a wonderful all around board for paddlers over 250 or those who like extra stability.  The Ohana series offers a premium board at a reasonable price.

Vacuum Bagged Construction, and epoxy EPS foam core, together create superior strength and less weight.  Our all around design will work for SUP enthusiasts for surfing and paddling.  Bamboo laminate imparts tremendous strength nose to tail.  The Ohana has in-board handle, comfortable deck pad, GoPro mount on the nose, and GORE-TEX automatic air vent to equalize air pressure inside the board.



11'1" x 32" x 5 1/8"

Current inventory: Grey - 1



11'1" x 32" x 5 1/8"

Current inventory: Red - 1, Blue - 2, Green - 1



9'11" x 31" x 4"

Current inventory: Red - 1, Blue - 1, Green - 1

Ohana Series