Jimmy Lewis - Stiletto

This is probably the most beautiful SUP race/touring board design that you will ever see. Another winner from Jimmy Lewis!

The Stiletto line of boards are called race boards, but they are much more than that! Anyone who paddles mostly on flat water will find them easy to paddle. The Stiletto is built to perform and can handle just about any conditions you can throw at it. It is very stable, even for beginners. Deck design allows water to drain easily. The recessed deck lowers the center of gravity, making the board extra stable giving you more paddle power. As with all Jimmy Lewis shapes, they are very versatile and you’ll never outgrown them.

The Signature Construction Stilettos come with tie-down inserts on the deck so you can bring your gear along with you. This adds to the versatility of the design and is a welcome update.

The Stilettos also come in an all carbon model

12'6" x 28.5" x 5.8"           

14' x 28 x 6.5"

Jimmy Lewis Inflatables

The Jimmy Lewis Maestro and Stiletto Air are inflatable SUP's that perform like a real board. Double wall construction and 25 PSI inflation make this a rigid surf shape - not a floppy pool toy. The 10'3 x 33" Maestro Air means stability and float for riders of any size without un-needed length and swing-weight.  They are super stable, go ahead and to bring your kids and the dog with you, you’ll have a blast. Great for rocky rivers and lakes! If you want to paddle longer distances at higher speed, the Stiletto Air 12’6 is the faster of the two boards (it’s one of the fastest inflatables on the water!). Pick the width that suits you best, either 32″ for stability, or 29″ for maximum speed. The inflatables come with a backpack, 3 piece breakapart paddle, bungee tie down, long-board fin box with thumb-screw fin attachment (no tools necessary), carry handle, pump, and repair kit. 

Maestro Air - $1,099.00
9"2" x 30" x 6"

10'3" x 33" x 6"

Stiletto Inflatable - $1199.00

12'6" x 32" x 6"

12'6" x 29" x 6".

Jimmy Lewis - Searcher

The Searcher is an ultra-fast and very stable board designed for touring lakes and rivers. The extra-wide beam and flat bottom makes this board easy to ride no matter what the conditions are and the rounded rails are designed for long-distance speed. 

Tie-down inserts on the deck allow you to stow all the gear you need for a day or a full week’s adventure and as with all of Jimmy’s boards, the Signature construction is super-light and extra strong. Great for fishing!

Available in various colours.

Length: 12’6″ x 33 1/2″ x 6 1/2"

Volume: 363 liters

Weight: 29.6 lbs This is amazingly light for a board of this volume!


Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control

The Cruise Control is the one board that will do everything you ask of it.

It’s known as the greatest board ever made and is often copied, but never duplicated.

Flat water? No problem — it paddles quickly and easily, and is amazingly stable even in choppy conditions.

Got waves? Perfect! The soft edges and ample bottom curve (rocker) allows you to ride and carve turns on waves as small as knee high. Big waves? It will stay in control even in larger surf and you’ll feel like you’ve been surfing all your life!

You will paddle like a pro the first time you ride it and it will keep you smiling for years and years. Don’t be fooled by all the other look-alike boards. There is a huge difference in performance and even beginners will appreciate how easy it is to paddle. With the Cruise Control, you’ll be ahead of the pack and your buddies on other brands will have trouble keeping up to you!

The finish on all of Jimmy’s boards is incredibly durable and each one is meticulously hand-polished and flawless — almost too nice to use!

Available Sizes:  

10'6" x 29" x 4.3" (150L)   

11' x 30" x 4.4" (170L)

11'6" x 32 x 4.6" (200L)